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James Harden: Most Fashionable Man-Child

James Harden is only twenty-one, just old enough to buy alcohol legally in the United States. Harden is proving his worth for the Thunder these playoffs, averaging eleven points a game and shooting almost forty-one percent from the field. Harden is providing a spark for his teammates off the bench, but NBA fans are more enamoured with his unique manscaping and style. The member of the Thunders’ Broingtons always stands outs among the usual NBA off-court uniform of dark, ill-fitting suits or head to toe Gucci ensembles. For the post-season, the Los Angeles native kept his full beard and shaved his hair into a mini mohawk. The hairstyle speaks to Harden’s quirky California personal style and boyish charm.

When the Oklahoma City Thunder came to Toronto earlier in the season, I chatted with the sophomore shooting guard about his infamous beard and personal style. The beard discussion was posted on The Basketball Jones but Harden and I got to talking fashion and sneakers, too.

Credit: Slam Magazine

Harden defines his style as very LA, which to him means “flannels, little t-shirts, [Nike] Dunks, varsity jackets, stuff like that”. While being a LA native, the west coast kid doesn’t think he has a specific personal style code. If he sees some nice clothes, he buys them – one of the luxuries of having an NBA salary. “I wear a lot of [Nike] Dunk’s, cartoon shirts, varsity jackets”. Harden’s love of cartoon shirts is something that’s caught my eye since he was in college. It’s not a look that’s very popular on the east coast but for Harden, the cartoon shirts started because it’s all about the shoes, “I get shirts to match my dunks. They got a store [in LA] called Hot Topic and they have a lot of cartoon shirts there..it’s just about being from LA”.

Credit: Getty Images/SI.com

Harden’s other style signature is the bow tie. It started at the NBA Draft with Harden’s statement making outfit.. He wore a cream colored vest, pants, a striped shirt, a tan sport coat, a diamond encrusted watch and a burgundy patterned bow tie. While it was a lot of look, Harden just wanted to wear something different, “I don’t think I thought about it…With the bow tie, I have a lot of them now….it’s different, unique [my style] just comes natural, not something I try to do.” Since the night he joined the Thunder, Harden’s racked up over ten bow ties and plans on getting a lot more as he buys more suits.

Credit: Twitter

Harden will be buying more suits mostly due to the NBA dress code. While most players are able to bring their own flare to their outfits despite Commissioner Stern’s rules, Harden admits most of his wardrobe goes unworn on game days. “I [usually] wear a lot of hats, t-shirts, that I can’t wear…The rules are put in place for a reason, but I still try to work around it”. The shooting guard may think his style is the best in the league, but he’d still jump at the chance to raid a few wardrobes. “[I’d like to see what] top guys like Kobe and Lebron got in their closet, they probably got tons of stuff in their closet, I just to see what their wardrobe looks like.”

Credit: Dime Magazine

Harden’s personal style extends to his shoes, too. He can’t pick a favorite pair but his choice Nike model will always be the Dunk. He’s looking at adding the Gucci inspired pair to his collection and also loves the Canal Street Air Force One’s because they’re “cool and bright”. Harden’s style advice for those who want to follow his lead is to experiment with colors and not focus on one style, “anything you see that’s unique and different, try to pick it up.” Harden’s hair is evidence that he practices what he preaches and allows him to bring his style on the court too. I wouldn’t suggest the mohawk and beard combo unless you’re around Harden’s age or can grow a significant beard like him.

Credit: Orisue



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Made in China: Steve Nash Leaves Nike for Luyou

It seems that this NBA season is a time of transition for Steve Nash. In late 2010, he announced that he was divorcing from his wife. He endured another separation with Amar’e Stoudemire leaving for the Knicks. And now, the two-time most valuable player is parting ways with Nike Basketball, after fifteen years, to sign with a Chinese athletics brand called Luyou. Why the sudden change at mid-season? Leaving major brands for start-ups is a new trend among veteran NBA players. Baron Davis, a noted fashion plate and friend of Nash, was one of the first to sign with an Asian-based company. Davis has his own signature shoe and his Beardman logo literally makes him the face of Li-Ning. Shaquille O’Neal is also part of Li-Ning. Kevin Garnett left adidas to join ATNA and became their marquee player, and not just a member of adidas’ basketball “brotherhood”.

Photo credit: SneakersNews.com

Why the sudden trend? Are larger companies just not giving enough attention to the superstars? Is it about money? Or about growing their brand as players to ensure longevity once their playing days come to an end? Doing well the Asian market can translate to huge dollars in terms of jersey sales, revenue from signature shoes and marketability with other brands overseas that could continue into retirement. Players like Nash, Garnett and Shaq are so well-recognized in North America that it makes sense to to try to make headway in the world’s largest economy. All three players signed with different upstart Chinese brands that are still based in China. Li-Ning opened a store in Portland, the hotbed of athletic gear, last year, but none of these brands have an NBA presence or endorsement roster like Nike, adidas or even Reebok. Why take the risk and leave Nike after so many years?

Nash's last game in Nike's? Photo Credit: Getty Images/Yahoo Sports

Sneaker website CounterKicks attained the following statement from Nike:

“We can confirm Steve Nash is no longer under contract with us. We had a great run with Steve and we wish him all the best. We’re extremely pleased to work with the NBA’s top players like Kobe, LeBron, Durant and Wade, who wear our basketball products, the most innovative in the game today.”

The statement seems like public relations speak for  “good luck but we really don’t need you”. Nike has the largest roster and arguably the best talent with Kobe and LeBron but also new young stars like Blake Griffin, whose meager endorsement contract will likely bring a large payday and extension for Blake and huge hype for another signature shoe next season for Nike Basketball. Nash is taking a risk, but he becomes the face of a brand instead of competing with so many dynamic players.

Photo credit: WorldsBestLogos

It’s curious that the Luyou, Li-Ning and ATNA logos all look reminiscent of the infamous Nike swoosh. At first glance, they look like something that you may find in a knockoff factory in China. Are the companies doing their own swoosh to be recognizable? Is it symbolism or just a copy cat tactic? Perhaps if their logo was something unique, like another Chinese basketball brand, Peak, they would stand out more in North American market. They run the risk of being grouped into the Nike knock off section on the sales floor. However, it does leave room for serious branding for the signature sneaker models, like with what Li-Ning did with Baron Davis. The production process of both the Asian brands and the American names like Nike are likely in the same or or neighbouring factories in China.The incredibly lucrative footwear counterfeit business has another brand to compete with and mimic.

Nash in China in 2009. Photo credit: BDL/Getty Images.

An interesting factor in this recent trend is that both Baron Davis and Steve Nash are represented by BDA Sports Management, an agency known for exposing their clients to a worldwide fan base, especially in China. BDA has a strong international roster of players including Yao Ming. It’s also somewhat common for BDA athletes to endorse companies that are new in the basketball footwear market like Brandon Jennings, who is Under Armour’s only NBA athlete and at the forefront of all their marketing campaigns. He also signed the contract while playing overseas in Rome, instead of going to college. Under Armour is an American brand that instead of being based in Portland or China, is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is well-known for their apparel, instead of a company like Luyou, which is unknown to North American NBA fans. Nash is Canadian with international roots and is known as the pride of the province of British Columbia. Vancouver has a significant Asian population so that could translate to marketing opportunities, events with the Chinese community and of course, more sales.

Photo credit: sports.qq.comz

What it will really come down for Nash is whether he can sell sneakers to both markets and if it performs well enough for Nash to play in. Luyou’s brand slogan is “I think I can” so perhaps the mantra can pay off. Looking at their current offerings in China, they do not seem to have designed basketball sneakers in the past – most lifestyle and casual running shoes. At the announcement in Beijing, the brand had Nash call in videophone and announced that there would be both a charity playground project called “Nash’s House” as well as a Nash logo competition. Luyou trotted out diverse models who wore new designs and preached a new vision and direction for the brand. While I do not fully trust the capabilities of Google translate, it seems that Luyou is re-launching in their own market with Nash as the centrepiece. It doesn’t seem that there was any plans for worldwide expansion but perhaps that will come later this season or during the All-Star game in Los Angeles. Technically and aesthetically I’m curious to see what the brand comes up with as their other shoe designs look dated and uninspired. Would you wear Luyou shoes? Perhaps only time and availability in all markets will tell. For now, I’m sticking to my Nike’s.

Photo credit: CounterKicks.com + Luyou


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The Ron Artest Art Show: Hipsters, Hoopsters and Sock Puppets

As I’ve written here before, Ron Artest is not your average NBA player. His antics on and off the court can illicit conversation, Twitter trends, fan outburts and even a Larry King interview. However, in early December 2010, a Facebook page announced an event that for most NBA fans and players was the inconceivable – a basketball inspired art show, dedicated solely to RonRon. Entitled Lovable Badass: A Tribute to Ron Artest, was the brainchild of curator, Steven Charles Manale, a Toronto artist and basketball fan, produced for Narwhal Art Projects. Thirty local artists paid tribute to the Queensbridge, New York native in a variety of art forms, including pen and ink drawings, sculptures, essays, prints, paintings and sock puppets.

Image credit: Narwhal Art Projects

When I received the Facebook invite and news of the art show became a popular tweet topic, I had a few mixed feelings. The event seemed well planned and Narwhal is known in Toronto for showcasing interesting works that are, at least intriguing, and usually well executed. The fact that it supported local artistans and one of my favorite NBA personalities was an interesting combination. But would the fusion between hood athlete and the hipster art scene work? Would the mix of unlikely bedfellows prompt the crowds to separate like an awkward high school dance, jocks versus artists? Promises of a mix of Ron’s favorite New York City hip hop piqued my interest, as did hearing that the bar would be stacked full of Hennessy. How gangster is that? Curious got me out of the door and I was barely even fashionably late to the opening.

Photo credit: Loni Schick

Needless to say, it was a surreal, once in a lifetime experience. I applaud the gallery and curator for trying something different. The timing was perfect as the night of the opening was during the Lakers practice day in Toronto, as they faced the Raptors the next afternoon. And yes, the man of the hour and mixed media art even attended. Ron is famous for using Twitter to reach out to fans and promote events. Ron  re-posted my article on his fashion sense on his official website – RONARTEST.COM and retweeted the link. I was curious to find out if he actually read my post, to see what he was wearing and if he would partake in a bit of Hennessy, too.

Photo credit: My iPhone 3G

The crowd at Narwhal was an interesting mix, different from you’d usually see at West Queen Street West art show opening in Toronto or a Raptors game. There were the artists who were on hand to pose with their art, explain their influences and greet Ron and guests. The organizers who all wore different Ron Artest jerseys from throughout his professional career (no Saint John’s college gear, though). It was a nice, campy touch and made them easy to find in the crowd. The jerseys bring me to basketball fans in attendance, many in basketball gear hoping to get a picture with RonRon. Members of the media slung back from the madness including theScore’s The Basketball Jones (Skeets and Matt) who were able to grab Ron for a quick interview and got the crowd to yes, say Queensbridge. There were also the usual neighbourhood hipsters and fellow artists taking it in.

The final group was the hoopsters. Now, I can’t take credit for this term as Deadspin coined it but it’s necessary in my lexicon in this instance. A hoopster is a hipster who wears an old, deadstock or rare NBA jersey for ironic wardrobe purposes, usually as a shirt in the summer with skinny jeans and boat shoes. Some are NBA fans, some are vintage fiends and some are just trying too hard to be cool. I heard one group of hoopsters discussing NBA rappers, as Ron has spit on mixtapes and even on solo tracks. My favorite overhead moment, “Hoopster 1: Shaq was an okay rapper, have you seen Shazam?” Hoopster 2: Allen Iverson is a pretty good rapper, though”. Yes, AI had some skills on mic, but his rhymes never cut like his crossover. Shaq however, is an embarrassment to hip hop.

Photo Credit: Steve Wilson

Despite the bizarre mix, most people got along just fine, perhaps it was the cognac or the pretty DJ Ali Cat spinning tunes or the mix of interesting art work. My favorite pieces include a sculpture of a classic photograph – Ron holding puppies in his Pacers’ uniform, a Charlie Brown comic chronicling the crazy of Artest and an illustration featuring the infamous “kiss” between Paul Pierce and Ron Artest.

Photo credit: Steven Wilson

Amongst the madness at Narwhal, I managed to grab Ron for a few minutes to introduce myself so we were no longer only Twitter friends. It was nice to hear that he read the blog and has an interest in my other work I do in the sports fashion realm. We both agreed that his outfit, while not great, was better than most of his effort when out in public. He wore a Ballin’ hoodie and a pair of baggy, dark jeans that despite his 6’8 frame pooled at least a few inches above his feet. How he found jeans that long, I’ll never know! While it’s nice to get comments and support from fellow media members and fans, it’s really exciting when the subjects I write about are also into my work and want to collaborate in the future. It may seem cliche, but it’s extra motivation for me to keep writing and styling in my niche market and hopefully, will lead to a few NBA players on client roster down the line. Ron made a speech, too – did you know he majored in art and architectural at Saint John’s before transferring to math, since it was easier? Ron lived up to the hype of being just a normal yet strange guy who also happens to have an NBA championship under his belt. He took time to speak to all the artists, pose with fans  and share stories. He left relatively early and it was neat to see all kinds of people excited to meet Ron and celebrate his unique style and life experiences.

Photo credit: Loni Schick

The event was a success. Press from all over North American picked up the story and most, if not all, of the art was snatched up as well. It’s not everyday that an art show can have such a specific focus, especially on one subject who is outside of the arts world, be a hit with so many markets. It’s also proof that it pays to be original – the artists, some not even NBA fans and crowd alike, were all inspired and entertained with a tale of redemption, charity, and crazy. Keep doing you, Ron!

If you want to learn more about the exhibit, check out the Narwhal Art Projects website or read Eric Koreen’s excellent article “Artestic Expression” on the show for the National Post. Thanks to my best girl and photographer Loni Schick for graciously letting me use her pictures for this post (I will get your Lakers toaster soon – promise!).


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DQM’s Miami Meat Tee is incredibly appropriate


The new Miami Heat team  is a publicity beast of epic proportions and many clothing companies are trying to cash in on the hype. However, my new favorite Heat inspired item dropped well before Bosh, Wade and James decided to unite under Pat Riley.  This “Miami Meat” tee comes thanks to Russ Bengtson’s epic storage locker of kicks and other basketball paraphernalia (I’m convinced ‘Sheed is hiding out there in his trademark cutoff sweatpants). Dave’s Quality Meat, better known as DQM, is a shop, brand and collaborative company in New York City, founded by professional skateboarder, Chris Keefe. DQM released the shirt a few years ago, likely when the shop opened in 2003, but there’s no word on a re-print of the design. The graphic is simple, clean and almost too appropriate considering everyone wants a bite of the Heat this season. Deep fried pork knee ala Bosh, anyone?

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Ron Artest’s Best Fashion Moments

It’s an understatement to say that Ron Artest is not your average NBA player. You may not enjoy his on-court and off-court antics, but he’s without question authentic and more often than not, memorable. Ron’s self-confessed crazy seems to trickle down to his wardrobe at times, especially when he’s a guest on late night television shows. If the clothes make the man, what does RonRon’s wardrobe say about him? 

For his most recent late night appearance on Larry King, Ron’s wardrobe gave the impression of a slightly more grown up version of the Lakers’ defensive specialist. He wore a slightly over-sized navy suit and white shirt with a paisley tie that looks like it comes from the Craig Sager collection. Is Artest changing his style? Was it because he wanted Mr. King and the CNN audience to take what he was saying more seriously? After all, he is auctioning off his championship ring to help to mental health. And, of course, he was plugging his rap career. During his chat with Larry, I had to contemplate on where this outfit ranked on Ron’s greatest late night garbs. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

RonRon is a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Los Angeles-based late night talk show. (It should also be noted that Kimmel airs on ABC – the parent company to NBA broadcaster, ESPN). For his most recent visit with Jimmy before the season began, Ron went as random as possible: fake beard, cowboy hat, a t-shirt advertising his iPhone app, compression shorts, a sling backpack and socks with slippers. I really have not much to say about his outfit other than it was a disaster of epic yet entertaining proportions. You can’t fault a man who also promotes his product – how many players actually wear their ap on their uhm, chest?

When the Lakers won the NBA championship last season, it was only fitting that they went on Jimmy Kimmel  to celebrate. While the rest of his teammates took the opportunity to dress well but, Ron not surprisingly, skewed far too casual….bed time, casual. Ron wear a pair of Lakers’ coloured argyle print pants, a Sports Enemy LA Rifle logo tee, a pair of black and yellow Nike Dunk High’s and a Starwood Hotel’s black hat. Instead of accessorizing with a more suitable item, like a watch or ring, Ron went straight to the BlueTooth headset. Does the man not understand he has voicemail on his phone? His excuse was pure Artest: “I didn’t go to bed yet…I need to shower baaaad”. Ron is repping his new home but he stays straight out of the hood, or maybe on the way to the grocery store with this look. The ensemble made an interesting compliment to Kobe Bryant’s futuristic and Rick Ownes’ designer jacket and shades. But it could be worse.

Chelsea Handler was another stop on the championship train for RonRon. She’s known for her brutal sense of humor and love of chocolate (not the food). While Ron was excited about his new ring, he acted as though he wanted to put that ring on Ms. Handler’s finger. His very bright patterned pants were covered in Chelsea’s face, but why? “Well you know, I’ve been trying to get into your pants for a long time and I heard you were playing hard to get, so I had to put you on my pants“.  She responded “Well you heard wrong because I am easy to get“. An entertaining interview, to say the least. Perhaps he also left his shoes at home so he could be even closer to Chelsea’s small stature. The printed shirt is also ridiculous with the pants – although anything he wore would have clashed. It certainly made for an interesting interview and introduction for the two.

The most memorable of all Ron Artest’s late night ensembles is without question, his boxers only appearance on Kimmel. Obviously, Artest is a favorite of Kimmel (with good reason) and I’m sure he gained more female fans with this wardrobe choice (malfunction?). Artest is the only athlete who could come out in only his underwear and fans wouldn’t question his intent. He’s always so enthusiastic and loves to entertain, so we can all sit back and enjoy his personality. Obviously he’s just as open with his personality and mind as he is with his body! There’s not a whole to say about this look as there isn’t much to it garment wise, but nice boxers?

I would like to see Artest wear more of what he sported at Lamar and Khloe Kardashian’s Odom’s wedding. The black pinstripe suit fits him well and is classic, while the backwards New Era hat and loose tie screams that he’s still the kid from Queensbridge. Personal style is all about showing yourself through your clothes and how you present yourself. I think this look is the perfect balance between the Los Angeles ball player and the New York guy from the “hood”. Ron is proud of his roots and I don’t think he should ever deny it or stop being himself. Keep thanking your psychiatrist, stealing Wheaties’ boxes and guarding  opposing players with your life, RonRon – just please, if you feel like doing it in better fabrics and in a well-fitting clothes – call me. I promise not to dress you in leather or fur, as I know you’re a PETA spokeperson as well. Your signature style deserves to be as on point as your enthusiasm for life and the game of basketball.


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Style Seeker: Black Diamond Bracelets

Get your fatigues on, all black everything,

Black cards, black cars, all black everything.

Jay-Z “Run This Town”, featuring Rihanna & Kanye West

A few simple lines from a verse  is all it took for the menswear masses to follow Jay-Z’s example and go for the now infamously titled, all black everything look. “Murdered out”: black on top of black on top of MORE black is not a new concept, but since Hova went all monochrome it’s popular again. Not only are there black cards and cars, but all black accessories: hats, sunglasses, sneakers and of course, jewelry. A black matte ceramic watch is a statement piece but the one accessory that’s really taken off for men, and especially NBA athletes, is the black diamond beaded bracelet.

Jay-Z and his all-black-everything brand on the cover of Gotham for November 2009.

Sean Carter himself really brought the black diamond bead bracelet to the forefront right around the time his latest album, The Blueprint 3, dropped. He’s worn the bracelets in every editorial he’s appeared in and wears them in almost every paparazzi photo. His signature model is the Shamballa Jewels’ black diamond pavé bead bracelet. The company preaches that their pieces will “invite the possibility of connecting to the energy of creation”. Whether or not Mr. Carter wears it for spiritual or fashionable reasons or both; the bracelets make a style statement. The designs are simple but beautiful and luxe due to the materials being used. Shamballa took a basic idea, the spiritual bead bracelet, and made it special and marketable because a high-end crowd wants something high quality. While it’s hard to an exact price on the bracelets, similar models go from $4000 to upwards of $40,000 depending on the amount of black diamonds or onyx used in the design. I can only imagine what the cost is for a custom design item.

Diddy, Hova and King James. Notice how LeBron's style is very similar to Jay-Z's. Credit: LeBron James' Twitter.

It’s not all that surprising that NBA players, who use stylists who also work with A-List actors and musicians, have caught on to the black diamond craze. LeBron is still friends with Jay-Z, despite eschewing both the Nets and Knicks as options for the upcoming season.  The King has worn the bracelets since last season. Recently, he wore a black diamond necklace at the Cowboys at Redskins game in Washington D.C.. Apparently, LeBron really likes black diamond everything.

Chris Bosh in a black diamond bead bracelet at the Bebe fashion show during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week. Credit: Wire Image

Chris Bosh, who we saw at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this season, picked up on his teammate’s style and has begun wearing the black diamond bead bracelets.  I can understand players using the same stylists or admiring a friend’s style, but isn’t that complete style biting? Perhaps a leather bracelet or a more interesting option, like this Martin Margiela (another Jay-Z favorite brand) ring could help show off more of Bosh’s personal style personality.

Brandon Jennings layers his black diamond bracelets on one hand while wearing his Power Balance band on his other wrist. He's a brand ambassador for Power Balance. Photo credit: Under Armour.

Brandon Jennings picked up a few bracelets for himself this summer as well. He’s not only tweeted his love affair for his accesories, but wore them to the Under Armour basketball brand unveiling in New York City. The black diamonds do match his new shoe, the Micro G Black Ice, quite well, along with his black Camaro. David West is another fan of black diamonds and has worn them for sometime. I’m not sure if he’s following someone else’s style tips or found them on his own. There are more athletes, stars and stylists who wear the brand, but it’s curious how so many of the most well-known NBA athletes are obsessing over this same trend.

Shamballa Jewels black & white diamond bracelet...yours for a mere $39,820 USD!

Would you wear the bead bracelet? If the price disconcerts you, Oliver Smith has a similar model for a little less than $2000. Other black  bead bracelets that are still stylish at a small price are available from online stores like Asos or you can pick up a beaded bracelet for under $5 in Chinatown or off of eBay. Either way, it looks like the beaded bracelet is here to stay, at least until the H-O-V picks a new signature accessory. We’ll see if the NBA follows suit yet again. Only time and good stylist, will tell!


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Style Seeker: NBA and NYFW

Since David Stern instituted the NBA dress code for the 2005-2006 season, NBA players have adapted. Perhaps it was a case of the right rules at the right time, but players are embracing the fashion scene like never before. Most of the ill-fitting, “thug” apparel is exchanging for suits that cost most than the chains that were once popular. Players are learning to express themselves off the court using looks from the runway and many use stylists and personal shoppers. This year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York (NYFW) brought out the fashionista set of the NBA including some sartorial surprises. Let’s see who’s showing an interest in fashion came dressed for the occasion.

Adrienne and Chris enjoy the preppy parade at Lacoste. Credit: TerezOwens.com and MediaTakeOut.

Out of the new big three in Miami, who would have guessed that Chris Bosh would be the one making rounds at fashion week? Bosh and his fiancé, Adrienne Williams were fixtures at many events including the Lacoste and Cynthia Rowley runway shows and the Varvatos after party. Quite a few of my Twitter BFF’s took note of Bosh’s outfit at Lacoste. The whole thing is a little too well matched for my taste. If you’re going to show off interesting socks, at least take more of a risk – give us a pop of unexpected colour. His outfit is fits into the Lacoste aesthetic, but he needs to stop trying so hard. Adrienne looks cute but that shade of burgundy is far too dark for her fair complexion and light hair.

Bosh and Ron and BeBe. What a combo! Credit: Getty Images

Adrienne wasn’t Bosh’s only front row company this week, Ron Artest showed up sans psychiatrist to the Bebe catwalk. RonRon really dressed up for the occasion. He’s wearing almost the same outfit as he sported to the MTV VMA’s a few days before, including the same ShinShin tee (can’t knock the hustle!) and faded jeans. He added a zip up (four stripes – faux adidas?) and a fitted cap for good measure. Bosh went subdued but trendy in layered v-neck and tee, raw denim and the now ubiquitous NBA black diamond bead bracelets. I can’t hate on this look for Bosh, he looks much more relaxed than at the Lacoste show. Ron gets a pass purely for possessing the crazy card. Does he honestly have an interest in design? Perhaps he was just there to visit his friends the Kardashians, who design looks for Bebe. At least he looks more together than he did on Kimmel.

Ben Gordon & girlfriend at the Perry Ellis show. Credit: Getty Images

Ben Gordon and his girlfriend attended the Perry Ellis menswear show. Ben went for casual cool but dull with the classic dark jeans, dark jacket and button up shirt combo while his girl wore a great pair of flesh tone sandals to complete a graphic look. Hopefully some of her fashion sense will continue to rub off on Ben and he can try something a little more daring next time, as it sounds like they’ll be back next season.

Landry Fields and Andy Rautins at Perry Ellis. Credit: Getty Images

One of the most surprising appearances at fashion week was J.E. Skeets Andy Rautins and fellow New York Knicks rookie Landry Fields. Andy is known for having a keen interest in fashion, much like his dad, Leo. We can see the Gucci belt peeking out and his signature stud earring. Tweet of the week has to go to Field. While he doesn’t have a lot of sartorial sense, he does have a great sense of humour. Shoutouts to Hanzel.

I wonder what Landry's "blue steel" looks like? Can it compete with "magnum"?

There were no LeBron, D-Wade or even Kobe sightings at fashion week this year. But my biggest disappointment was that the reigningNBA fashion plate, Jimmy Goldstein, was a no-show.

Jimmy and Danish model Amalie Wichmann at Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Getty Images.

The NBA super fan instead chose to go to go to Turkey for the FIBA Championships. While I was crestfallen to not see his signature hat in the front row, I’m sure he will appear at the shows in Paris as most of his wardrobe and model company, come from overseas.

Just a few good ole Texas boys clowning around at the John Varvatos after party. Credit: Getty Images.

Best photo of the week has to go to Bosh and ZZ Top at the John Varvatos after party. If only Bosh kept his dreads long, he may have fit in better. We’ll see if Bosh keeps up his interest in fashion this season while playing along Wade and James. It’s funny how a change of scenery and a new contract can change your wardrobe, haircut and social circles. Although it’s nice to see more players taking an interest in fashion, I long for the pre-game entrances of more fashionable NBA players like Zaza Pachulia and Steve Nash. Is it October 26th yet? Bring on the season, please!


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