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2011 NBA Draft Style Analysis: The Suits Finally Fit and Kemba is King

The 2011 installment of the NBA Draft was not given the opportunity to be great. Madison Square Garden, the usual host for festivities, is under renovation so the hopeful rookies had to travel across the Hudson River to Newark and walk the stage at Prudential Center. Bloggers and basketball pundits dismissed the next class of NBA talent as bottom tier. Also, with a lockout looming – will these young men ever see playing time? In 2003, LeBron James’ oversized white ensemble was better suited for a pimp and not the first overall draft pick. His personal style has evolved thanks in part to the dress code, maturity and careful image management. The NBA instituted the dress code in 2005 and it came at the perfect time as menswear was moving towards to the skinny suit and tailored styles thanks to Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Fitted or “European” styles began dominating locker rooms along with luxury sneakers and Louis Vuitton everything. Braids began disappearing as Carmelo Anthony shaved his off and Kobe Bryant switched from jerseys pre-game to suits. Players no longer wanted to look like Allen Iverson but now Kanye West’s fashion forward style evolution was to be mimicked. This year’s draft class may not have hit the perfect style notes but it’s clear that with the help of stylists, the new kids are learning how important fit is in a suit. Gone are the days of the LeBron white suit or Jalen Rose’s infamous red atrocity. Without further ado, here’s the best, worst and downright average style grades for the 2011 NBA draft class. It should come as no surprise that a New York kid wins my award for best dressed. Kemba Walker won my respect and fashion gold star last night because he wore a suit that was not only perfectly cut for his body type but because he was able to still let his personal style shine through. Last year, Wesley Johnson’s plaid pants and double-breasted ensemble may have been sartorially inclined but it looked like the outfit wore him, not the other way around. Walker looked both comfortable and cool in the single breasted blue-grey suit. The peaked lapels were in proportion with his shoulders and the jacket was modern without being fussy. Walker was already on my radar for his understated, well-fitting suit at Connecticut’s visit with President Obama after winning the NCAA National Championship. His big heart and great speaking skills makes him a complete player off the court as well – he’s a marketing dream. In fact, he already has endorsement deals in place with Axe and Best Buy without the elusive title of being the number one draft pick. Walker’s accessory choices elevated his look from above average to exquisite. The pocket square in beige with a pink hue picked up the rose gold outsole of his two-tone shoes. The tie bar kept his look clean but added some visual interest on his thin, patterned tie. Even his belt was a leather with a pink undertone to tie it all together. Fellas, when I say the items of your outfit don’t have to match but they have to go, I’m talking about putting an ensemble together like Walker’s. The hues (underlying color) are all in the same family – blue in the primary items and pink in the accessories. Since the colors are all related, they work in harmony. I’m excited to see what Walker brings to Charlotte off the court. According to my favorite Bobcats’ source, Ben Swanson (a.k.a. CardboardGerald), the rookie came to the press conference dressed to impress in Louis Vuitton sneakers. Kemba Walker, you’re on my fashion radar. He’s my early pick for style rookie for the season….if we get a season.

Walker’s swag dominated the night but credit has to be given both to my Canadian countryman Tristan Thompson, as well as Marshon Brooks for sporting full ensembles not just a suit. Thompson (and his personal shopper) found a suit that managed to fit him perfectly without looking snug in the shoulders or short in the sleeves – an issue for a player with a seven feet, two-inch wingspan.The polka dot tie contrasts with the pink tone in the shirt and the paisley pocket square ties it all together.His rose gold watch face is the right shade for his skin tone and the leather watch strap and shoes are the perfect complimentary shade of warm saddle brown – this is how to wear black and brown together. It certainly looked like Thompson dressed to best match his new Cavaliers cap – think he knew something the media didn’t?

In every draft class, there seems to be one player that calls dibs on the bow tie and tries to make it work for him. This year, Marshon Brooks took the honor. The last time a bow tie was worn properly was when James Harden sported his cream ensemble and has since had the neck accessory a signature. Brooks seems to be following Harden’s sartorial example. Brooks was originally drafted by the Celtics before being moved to the Nets, sported another bow tie at his introductory press conference in Newark. For draft night, his two piece grey suit fit in the shoulders and the sleeve length was fine although it could be taken in more in the torso and in arm width to remove some of the bulk – the ill fit was made obvious when he stood up to meet Commissioner Stern. Besides the technical suiting issues, the patterned shirt mixed with the neutral grey suit really make the bow tie the star to the outfit. A good tactic to draw attention up to Brooks’ face and away from the terrible adidas draft caps.

The number one pick in the 2011 NBA Draft was Kyrie Irving out of Duke University and the only thing that streamed first overall about his outfit was his timepiece.Besides the impressive watch, the rest of ensemble was average – decent fitting jacket and shirt, pants could be tailored and the tie was too skinny and poorly knotted. Hopefully fellow rookie Tristan Thompson and veteran NBA fashion plate Baron Davis can help their new teammate take some risks this season.

Speaking of sartorial risks, Kawhi Leonard went for preppy throwback look with white piping on black two button suit. When I originally saw this suit, I immediately thought he belonged on a yacht or perhaps parking cars at the yacht club. The buttons are a bit distracting and the pocket square seems like an afterthought but the piping has grown on me. Keeping the shirt and tie relatively neutral was a smart move so it didn’t distract from the jacket. The fit is decent, but as with many of these young men, the sleeve could be slimmed down. A pop of color or sheen in the pocket square could have upgraded the look and he might want to re-think the braids – no one should take manscaping cues from Udonis Haslem.

Pocket squares have become the new accessory of choice for NBA draftees in recent years and this year, some players either didn’t put enough thought into them (Leonard) or tried too damn hard. It’s important to remember that for these young men, most of their interviews will head and shoulder shots so the pocket square will be shown and having one that looks like a used tissue stuffed in your pocket looks sloppy. The Morris brothers were a great story of the draft, twins going one right after another to different cities for the first time in their young lives. But they had me crying foul all over Twitter as with the pocket square, bigger is not necessarily better as you have a limited space to display your accessory.

Markieff Morris, the slightly older twin and the first to be drafted, thirteenth overall to the Suns, wore a pinstripe suite that looked be right off the rack and ill-fitting on his massive frame. The jacket is too long, the shoulder are bunching and sleeves and pants must be taken in. Also, on a large man a three-piece suit adds bulk, he should have gone for a sleeker silhouette. As for the pocket square, it looks like he found some iridescent Kleenex and stuffed it in his pocket. The fact that you actually see a bulge from the access fabric in the jacket is a terrible look. Remember, it’s a square, not a scarf. While we’re on accessories, white watches, like white sunglasses, often just look cheap and it does not work with his outfit at all.

Marcus Morris, the younger brother by seven minutes, was drafted next to another Western Conference team, the Houston Rockets. Marcus, followed suit almost literally with a pinstripe three-piece suit in black that was looked to fit in the shoulders but not so well elsewhere. Not to be outdone by his brother, upped the pocket square ante as his almost reached his tie knot – far too large. I’m all for flair but the pocket square took over his entire outfit and you became distracted by his accessory and not listen to what the newly minted rookie had to say. Also, if you look the Morris’ brothers wore similar shirt and ties. The best moment from the twin’s draft came from their interview with their mother, who was also in a pinstripe suit, who said she wouldn’t wear either of the adidas draft caps – smart woman.

As for the rest of the draft class, it was nice to see the players put some effort into their attire, the recent explosion of athlete stylists are certainly helping keep the players current. Derrick Williams tried to work with a skinny suit silhouette but didn’t make it. The tailoring was fine but the tie knot didn’t work with the shirt or the tie width. The bright red tie was a nice burst of color, but some more texture would have really made Williams stand out.

Jimmer Fredette came into the draft with plenty of hype thanks to his ridiculous NCAA campaign. While Fredette’s stock dropped a touch on concerns over lack of defensive fundamentals and size, his fashion game could probably use a return to basics. His jacket hit in the wrong spot and Fredette looked like he was sporting a pot belly. The stance on his jacket was a touch high and the cut made him look boxier. Dressing in BYU blue (navy suit, blue tie, blue shirt, blue watch) was a nice nod to his alumna matter but it came off a little dull. Fredette is more modest than most NBA rookies but his giant timepiece and rapping brother give the impression that the young man from upstate New York wants to take a few more risks.

Finally, I have to give points to Jonas Valanciunas, my hometown Toronto Raptors fifth overall draft pick. Most Raptors picks were hoping that local hero Tristan Thompson would have his homecoming on the Air Canada Centre court, but as usual the Raptors went European. Valanciunas went for subtle but well-tailored. The olive-green tie and pattern mixing with a different pocket square elevated the look from basic to interesting. The sleeve length was also on point so kudos to the unknown centre. I’m sure he’ll be a frequent visitor to Yorkville this season, Toronto’s high-end shopping neighbourhood soon.

Overall, this year’s draft class was an improvement over last year’s. The new crop of NBA rookies need to continue to practice and perfect the art of fit and how to dress their frames. Hopefully they’ll start taking more risks and find their own personal style among the NBA trends and Louis Vuitton littered locker rooms. Good luck gentlemen and welcome to the big leagues.

Photos courtesy of ESPN.com, Yahoo Sports and NBA.com.



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Steal His Style: The Varsity Jacket

The retro renaissance is in full swing in the NBA. There are vintage inspired uniforms worn by the Golden State Warriors and Kobe’s overbite is back with a vengeance and poor shot selection to match. Players are also taking vintage cues when it comes to their off-court wardrobe. For the past few seasons, menswear has become enamored with preppy styles and a cleaner version of 90’s hip hop references. Gone are the baggy jeans, Rock and Republics and all iced-out everything. Now, wardrobes are full of snapbacks, Starter jackets and a bevy of Ralph Lauren.

LeBron James wore a Gommi Arcarde x Sabit Varsity jacket for his birthday. Priced at only $180. Photo credit: Getty Images

The varsity jacket is a classic that can work in every man’s wardrobe when worn appropriately. American streetwear brands are all offering their own branded take on the Letterman style. While luxury fashion houses like Rick Owens and Balmain mixed unexpected fabrics and fitted silhouettes for a modern interpretation on the classic, NBA stars have recently started designing their own personalized varsity jackets. Let’s take a look at some of the style highlights when it comes to the varsity jacket and how you can put your own look together without the high price tag and endorsement deal.

Photo credit: David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

When it comes to the most popular brand, Nike comes out on top. Nike Sportswear launched an aggressive marketing and design campaign this year focusing on their classic Destroyer jacket, their version of a varsity jacket. At events across the world, and at the Nike Sportswear flagship store in New York City, the blank canvas is customized with the help of Nike designers. They brought on cities, trend setters and their own roster of athletes to showcase the styling options. Nike’s reigning king, LeBron James, was the first NBA athlete to début his custom Nike Destroyer jacket. He’s been followed by burgeoning fashion designer Amar’e Stoudemire as well as his teammate, Chris Bosh.

Bosh and Stoudemire designing their bespoke pieces. Photo credit: Nike Sportswear

When you’re out hunting for the perfect varsity jacket, the key thing to keep in mind is shape and fit. Lay the jacket out and make sure the waistband, usually made of a stretchy material, isn’t a lot smaller than the shoulder width. If the jacket makes a definite v-shape, it will likely look like that on you — too big in the shoulders, too tight in the hips and could give you a gut that otherwise isn’t there. Make sure the shoulders fit properly as many cheaper varsity jackets will have a tiny collar and huge shoulder, and not a more even distribution. Also, many jacket sleeves tend to widen or be very large in comparison to the body of the jacket. Remember that anything can be taken in, but likely not let out. It’s better to size up, then tailor down to the get best fit.

Photo credit: RegularOlTy.com

In terms of materials, the Letterman style standard is a wool body with leather sleeves and optional iron-on or sewn-on letters. If you want the jacket to last, leather is a better option than vinyl sleeves as it is more breathable, meaning you won’t have to dry clean it as often. The best places to look for a quality jacket are eBay or a local vintage store. It takes some digging, but you can find some really interesting or limited pieces. If you feel like getting creative, you can find letters, numbers or have a logo made to style a basic piece into something personal.

Great eBay find: 2007 UNDFTD sample jacket

Here are a few of my picks for varsity jackets on budget, as a bespoke or limited edition Nike Destroyer jacket will cost you upwards for $2000. Layering thin materials in classic patterns and fabrics — such as chambray and gingham — with denim and boots is an easy way to look polished but casual from now until early spring.

Click the link for a buyer's guide.


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DQM’s Miami Meat Tee is incredibly appropriate


The new Miami Heat team  is a publicity beast of epic proportions and many clothing companies are trying to cash in on the hype. However, my new favorite Heat inspired item dropped well before Bosh, Wade and James decided to unite under Pat Riley.  This “Miami Meat” tee comes thanks to Russ Bengtson’s epic storage locker of kicks and other basketball paraphernalia (I’m convinced ‘Sheed is hiding out there in his trademark cutoff sweatpants). Dave’s Quality Meat, better known as DQM, is a shop, brand and collaborative company in New York City, founded by professional skateboarder, Chris Keefe. DQM released the shirt a few years ago, likely when the shop opened in 2003, but there’s no word on a re-print of the design. The graphic is simple, clean and almost too appropriate considering everyone wants a bite of the Heat this season. Deep fried pork knee ala Bosh, anyone?

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Style Seeker: Black Diamond Bracelets

Get your fatigues on, all black everything,

Black cards, black cars, all black everything.

Jay-Z “Run This Town”, featuring Rihanna & Kanye West

A few simple lines from a verse  is all it took for the menswear masses to follow Jay-Z’s example and go for the now infamously titled, all black everything look. “Murdered out”: black on top of black on top of MORE black is not a new concept, but since Hova went all monochrome it’s popular again. Not only are there black cards and cars, but all black accessories: hats, sunglasses, sneakers and of course, jewelry. A black matte ceramic watch is a statement piece but the one accessory that’s really taken off for men, and especially NBA athletes, is the black diamond beaded bracelet.

Jay-Z and his all-black-everything brand on the cover of Gotham for November 2009.

Sean Carter himself really brought the black diamond bead bracelet to the forefront right around the time his latest album, The Blueprint 3, dropped. He’s worn the bracelets in every editorial he’s appeared in and wears them in almost every paparazzi photo. His signature model is the Shamballa Jewels’ black diamond pavé bead bracelet. The company preaches that their pieces will “invite the possibility of connecting to the energy of creation”. Whether or not Mr. Carter wears it for spiritual or fashionable reasons or both; the bracelets make a style statement. The designs are simple but beautiful and luxe due to the materials being used. Shamballa took a basic idea, the spiritual bead bracelet, and made it special and marketable because a high-end crowd wants something high quality. While it’s hard to an exact price on the bracelets, similar models go from $4000 to upwards of $40,000 depending on the amount of black diamonds or onyx used in the design. I can only imagine what the cost is for a custom design item.

Diddy, Hova and King James. Notice how LeBron's style is very similar to Jay-Z's. Credit: LeBron James' Twitter.

It’s not all that surprising that NBA players, who use stylists who also work with A-List actors and musicians, have caught on to the black diamond craze. LeBron is still friends with Jay-Z, despite eschewing both the Nets and Knicks as options for the upcoming season.  The King has worn the bracelets since last season. Recently, he wore a black diamond necklace at the Cowboys at Redskins game in Washington D.C.. Apparently, LeBron really likes black diamond everything.

Chris Bosh in a black diamond bead bracelet at the Bebe fashion show during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week. Credit: Wire Image

Chris Bosh, who we saw at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this season, picked up on his teammate’s style and has begun wearing the black diamond bead bracelets.  I can understand players using the same stylists or admiring a friend’s style, but isn’t that complete style biting? Perhaps a leather bracelet or a more interesting option, like this Martin Margiela (another Jay-Z favorite brand) ring could help show off more of Bosh’s personal style personality.

Brandon Jennings layers his black diamond bracelets on one hand while wearing his Power Balance band on his other wrist. He's a brand ambassador for Power Balance. Photo credit: Under Armour.

Brandon Jennings picked up a few bracelets for himself this summer as well. He’s not only tweeted his love affair for his accesories, but wore them to the Under Armour basketball brand unveiling in New York City. The black diamonds do match his new shoe, the Micro G Black Ice, quite well, along with his black Camaro. David West is another fan of black diamonds and has worn them for sometime. I’m not sure if he’s following someone else’s style tips or found them on his own. There are more athletes, stars and stylists who wear the brand, but it’s curious how so many of the most well-known NBA athletes are obsessing over this same trend.

Shamballa Jewels black & white diamond bracelet...yours for a mere $39,820 USD!

Would you wear the bead bracelet? If the price disconcerts you, Oliver Smith has a similar model for a little less than $2000. Other black  bead bracelets that are still stylish at a small price are available from online stores like Asos or you can pick up a beaded bracelet for under $5 in Chinatown or off of eBay. Either way, it looks like the beaded bracelet is here to stay, at least until the H-O-V picks a new signature accessory. We’ll see if the NBA follows suit yet again. Only time and good stylist, will tell!


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Merchandising The Decision: Miami Love

It was only three weeks ago that LeBron James let the world exhale and learn of his Decision that he would be taking his talents from his home state of Ohio, to the sunny shores of South Beach. The reaction ranged from bliss to confusion to down right rage. While LeBron strutted and celebrated with his old friends, and now new teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in his Miami Heat jersey, licensed apparel from the franchise wasn’t the only thing that commemorated the move. There has been plenty of defamatory, mad and jilted t-shirts to go along with the burning Cavaliers jerseys and Comic Sans letters from those drinking the James Haterade. But there are a few brands that are embracing the new but not yet officially nicknamed, Miami Heat trio.

Do you believe the hype? Will you trade in your jersey for a Heat trio one?

The Freshnes, is a streetwear brand based in Long Beach that began in 2007. They’re primarily a t-shirt brand that often references basketball, hip hop, and sneaker culture in their gear. I’ve been a fan of their work in the past, especially this Jay-Z one meant for true Roc fans and a Jesus Shuttlesworth tee that pays adequate homage to one of my favorite films of all time, that this girl would love in a women’s cut.

Is "Takin' My Talent to"....the new "Imma let you finish, but.." when it comes to overused phrases? Maybe...

For the LeBron mania, they cranked out three tees to celebrate. The first tee directly quotes the words that broke Dan Gilbert, and arguably many NBA fan’s hearts. I think the font is great and just big enough. While I don’t agree with LeBron being a self-appointed “King” signing it King James is perfect in this instance.

The #6 is now king...at least in Miami.

LeBron announced earlier in the year that he would stop wearing his #23 jersey, out of a respect to his Airness, Michael Jordan. He picked #6, his team USA jersey, and as he moved to the Miami Heat, he plucked it from point guard Mario Chalmers. Sorry, kid but what BronBron wants, he gets! It uses the Heat current number font and the signature king’s crown and the King James’ Freshnes signature. This could be worn by a Heat fan or maybe by a non-LeBron fan poking fun at the King.

Lions and Kings...oh my!

The last tee dedicated to BronBron is the most graphically complex of the bunch and plays on the branding that Nike has done with LeBron since he began his  career. They used lions in one of the first LeBron photo shoots when he landed with Nike, and continue to use the lion’s head image on his sneakers and other apparel. The King playing card with the ferocious lion looks great. While it wouldn’t work well on women (flatten out the chest, makes a curvy figure look boxy), it would be a great item for a hardcore LeBron fan.

Are you a member of the Miami-Wade County crew, even if you're not in South Beach?

A local Miami-bred brand, Purple Heart Clothing, also jumped on the Heat trio bandwagon but they sided more with the established South Beach boy, Dwyane Wade. Purple Heart’s aptly coined Miami-Wade County tee on ESPN. It’s smart and clean, unlike what most people think of “Miami style”. Also, the tee is available for ladies as well cashing in on the female basketball fan who doesn’t always want to wear a jersey in sweltering Miami heat (oops, sorry).

Will the 3 Kings moniker stay in MIA and in the media this season?

The 3 Kings nickname is one of the simplest, but I’m not sure it will stay for the long in MIA. Will King James allow the others onto his trademarked court? We’ll have to see. It’s easier to say than the 3 Mi-Egos (cheesy) and I prefer the Miami Thrice, but we’ll see. The use of the Heat font is clean and the script is tattoo inspired, something that the King and his court know a little about.

Celebrate the day that made D-Wade the good guy amongst "The Decision" and free agency mess with this tee.

The last item is a limited edition tee strictly for D-Wade and his return to the team that won him an NBA championship ring. D-Wade didn’t leave the Miami-Dade county waiting (I can’t assume, but I don’t think many Heat fans exist out of the 305 area code) and the first of July was an exciting day for the city. This tee commemorates the day that Wade put the Pat Riley action plan in motion, July 1st 2010 and Wade’s #3. The tee, like the rest of the Purple Heart Clothing line, is clean and well-laid out. However, it would be difficult for females to wear (like the King James tee). Right now Miami is D-Wade’s city, but will it stay that way? Will LeBron steal the spotlight. Who knows, but for now, thanks to a ring and likely, a name that rhymes so well, it’s Wade’s world.

Undrcrwn's newest offering simply uses the jersey t-shirt style to LeBron's advantage.

The most recent BronBron tee comes from New York City based brand, Undrcrwn. Known as “The Brand for Champions” Undrcrwn’s focusses on sports influenced gear. The brand enjoys a cult following amongst basketball bloggers and fans alike for their smart, humorous graphics and jokes that only a true hoops head understands. Despite that they don’t offer a women’s line, I decided to order my favourite Shawn Kemp inspired tee and turn it into a dress. Their newest drop is dedicated to the King’s new court of Miami. It mimics the popular jersey t-shirts by replacing “Heat” with “King”, mimicking LeBron’s me-first mentality. It’s simple, effective and clean. It can be worn by both LeBron fans or haters or even basketball fans. The shirt is available starting July 26th in the UNDRCRWN online store in a limited run. Whatever happened to playing for the name on the front instead of the back? Perhaps LeBron needs his brand on both sides.

LeBron James on ESPN's "The Decision" - his attire can only be explained as modern but underwhelming. Step it up, son!

Would you buy any of this pro-BronBron and Miami Thrice Heat gear? I’ll feature the best of the anti-LeBron gear shortly, but since there is so much out there, it’s taking awhile to compile the best and worst of it. Let me know what you think here or tweet me. I’m sure as the season progresses, so will the cheers, jeers and snarky apparel. Is it basketball season yet?


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Nike Air Max LeBron VII Dunkman: King’s Kryptonite?

LeBron James’ and his Nike Air Max LeBron VII is the Hugh Hefner of shoe colour-ways. Both are constantly upgrading to the latest, the greatest, the prettiest, newest, the rarest, so much so that even the most skilled statisticians and sneakerheads can’t keep up! But they always come back to an old favourite. For Hugh, it’s the blondes. And for LeBron’s signature sneakers, it’s the Dunkman.

Nike just dropped the gazillionith version of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII, the Dunkman edition. It stays true to the Dunkman template in terms of using grey and “mean” green somewhere on the shoe along with the classic IN YA FACE dunkman logo.

The newest edition to the LeBron VII family adopts a glaring neon green sole and keeps the rest of the shoe mostly black with highlights of grey and neon green. It features some nice touches like patent leather trim, nubuck and standard flywire  as well as 3M woven laces. The mesh of technological advances on the shoe seems to do best when toned in one colour palette and gives the sole greatest impact.

Now, I know LeBron has been using the Dunkman silhouette since the II’s and that “mean green” is the trademark for the series. But doesn’t the colouring and overall high-tech feel a little like  a pair of kicks we saw in the All-Star game a little while back?

Of course I’m talking about the Nike Foamposite Lite KryptoNate, the kicks the little man, Nate Robinson, used to tame the beast that is Dwight Howard. Robinson (Nike) soared over Howard (Adidas) with bright neon green soles highlighting the Sprite (shades of green, especially neon) Slam Dunk Content, so why not stick a winning formula for LeBron? After all, as the King sat courtside last All-Star game, he stated that he wanted to compete in 2010.

The LeBron Dunkman VII’s have already dropped in a pre-release at MarqueeSole but won’t go wide until March. The NBA All-Star weekend takes place in Dallas, Texas under the watchful eye of Jerry Jones from February 11th-14th. That leaves plenty of time for the average baller and obsessed fan (kids with parent’s credit cards) to see their idol murder the competition and be crowned the Sprite Slam Dunk Champ….if LBJ does compete. I’m sure he’ll have another colourway just for the All-Star game, but isn’t the dunk contest be a great marketing tool? The photos and videos of Kryptonate and Superman went viral and are still all over blogs. The All-Star game is all the about the gimmick now and Nike (and King James) knows a good one when they see it. After all, doesn’t everyone, little kids and big kids, want to be a superhero?

Would you cop the kicks? What’s your favourite Nike Air Max LeBron VII? Personally, I’m feeling these and I was very disappointed when I found out that the I Love New York joints are fake. But I’d take the candy apple red ones he wore at MSG no sweat. There’s always Canal Street…..but I could never mess with counterfeits!

High fives & booty taps,


PS. Shoutouts & smooches to: Freshness mag, Nice Kicks, Kicks on Fire.

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Dear LeBron James,

You’re not only dominating on the both ends of the hardwood but you’re also the current undisputed KING of NBA style. But tonight, your pre-game outfit was a bit of a cause for concern for me. I’m worried your fashion MVP title could be in jeopardy.

Now, let me be clear here, I have no problems with the idea of your outfit, BronBron. A good white shirt and well-fitting jeans MUST be in every man’s wardrobe, without a doubt. A vest can work, but when you’re 6’8 and pretty much pure muscle (and apparently less than 7% body fat….thanks Altitude pre-game show!), it’s tough to pull off properly. This particular black number is too tight and too short….two outfit descriptions best left only to cheerleaders court side. The sizing and style of the vest makes me think you may have raided the suitcase of former Cavalier Damon Jones. Who can forget that red velvet jacket he wore time and time again.

LeBron, do NOT trade clothes with a friend, no matter how much you love him and his threads, if you’re not his size! You’ll either look like you can’t breathe and destroy the item or you’ll swim in it and lose your chiseled shape (please don’t go near Shaq’s god awful wardrobe for the sake of HD tv’s everywhere!!). The vest also tends to add bulk if it doesn’t fit properly, which you don’t need at all, #23. You’ve had a few issues with vests worn solo over collared shirts, so I think maybe it’s time to retire this ensemble attempt.

My other problem with this outfit is the sleeve to glove ratio. Are those sleeves rolled up or 3/4 length? On a man of your amazing size, Mr. James, it looks awkward. You’re better off going long sleeve, an elbow length sleeve, a short sleeve, or my personal favourite, no sleeves at all. On most men, the 3/4 length looks like the shirt sleeves are too short or too long and leave a large space that cannot be filled by a watch or a bracelet. The gloves just throw the proportions off and has Michael Jackson-esque vibe. The gloves are lovely but they aren’t the King of Pop’s statement making bejeweled white wonder. More importantly, flashing the forearm in the middle of winter is very impractical in frosty Denver! Also, if your jacket is off, why are your gloves still on? Pockets, darling, pockets!

My tips to you, my liege are to make sure you fit the WIDEST part of you (shoulders) and  then tailor down. That way you can make everything fit perfectly to your every, uh, bulge. And keep your sleeves rolled down when wearing gloves, there was only one MJ (okay, technically, there’s the OTHER #23) and you don’t want your skin to change colour, too – from frostbite!

High fives & booty taps,


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