UNDRCRWN x Starter Snapback Hats and Style Guide

The early 90’s aesthetic is big again among NBA players from Amar’e Stoudemire to James Harden and Brandon Jennings. What’s ironic is that the Starter jackets and Polo boots many of us 80’s babies grew up on hoarding – the new kids of the NBA were still in diapers when the brands were popular. Sports lifestyle brand UNDRCRWN recently teamed up with throwback favorite, Starter, for a cap collaboration with their own version of the retro trend.

The holiday drop features five caps in the iconic snapback Starter style. The “Simon Says” style is a play on the 1980’s toy using bright primary colours and yellow stitching and a black bill for a graphic, yet clean look. The infamous “UNDRCRWN” logo is embroidered on the front in white and the Starter logo on the back of the cap completes it. The “Script Club” style references the popular NBA Draft Cap from the early ’90s. The cap features “UNDRCRWN – World Champions” stitched across the front of the cap, as well as a patch reading “World Champs on the left side and the Starter logo on the back. The cap is retro chic without the kitsch and is available in blue, green, red and black.

Now that throwbacks have become the new lid of choice since the standard New Era fitted is falling out of favor. But how do you wear a vintage piece without looking like you’re trying to go too retro? I’ve compiled a little guide to bring you the best in reasonably priced menswear and streetwear brands to rock with a snapback. To stay current, make sure you pick throwback style items but in modern, fitted silhouettes. Mix in neutrals and classic pieces to balance the look. The wardrobe guide is inspired by early 90’s style well as the new youngings that are dressing like they’re bringing ’88 back.

All five hats will be available for sale at www.shopundrcrwn.com and select UNDRCRWN retailers worldwide now.

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