Ron Artest’s Best Fashion Moments

It’s an understatement to say that Ron Artest is not your average NBA player. You may not enjoy his on-court and off-court antics, but he’s without question authentic and more often than not, memorable. Ron’s self-confessed crazy seems to trickle down to his wardrobe at times, especially when he’s a guest on late night television shows. If the clothes make the man, what does RonRon’s wardrobe say about him? 

For his most recent late night appearance on Larry King, Ron’s wardrobe gave the impression of a slightly more grown up version of the Lakers’ defensive specialist. He wore a slightly over-sized navy suit and white shirt with a paisley tie that looks like it comes from the Craig Sager collection. Is Artest changing his style? Was it because he wanted Mr. King and the CNN audience to take what he was saying more seriously? After all, he is auctioning off his championship ring to help to mental health. And, of course, he was plugging his rap career. During his chat with Larry, I had to contemplate on where this outfit ranked on Ron’s greatest late night garbs. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

RonRon is a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Los Angeles-based late night talk show. (It should also be noted that Kimmel airs on ABC – the parent company to NBA broadcaster, ESPN). For his most recent visit with Jimmy before the season began, Ron went as random as possible: fake beard, cowboy hat, a t-shirt advertising his iPhone app, compression shorts, a sling backpack and socks with slippers. I really have not much to say about his outfit other than it was a disaster of epic yet entertaining proportions. You can’t fault a man who also promotes his product – how many players actually wear their ap on their uhm, chest?

When the Lakers won the NBA championship last season, it was only fitting that they went on Jimmy Kimmel  to celebrate. While the rest of his teammates took the opportunity to dress well but, Ron not surprisingly, skewed far too casual….bed time, casual. Ron wear a pair of Lakers’ coloured argyle print pants, a Sports Enemy LA Rifle logo tee, a pair of black and yellow Nike Dunk High’s and a Starwood Hotel’s black hat. Instead of accessorizing with a more suitable item, like a watch or ring, Ron went straight to the BlueTooth headset. Does the man not understand he has voicemail on his phone? His excuse was pure Artest: “I didn’t go to bed yet…I need to shower baaaad”. Ron is repping his new home but he stays straight out of the hood, or maybe on the way to the grocery store with this look. The ensemble made an interesting compliment to Kobe Bryant’s futuristic and Rick Ownes’ designer jacket and shades. But it could be worse.

Chelsea Handler was another stop on the championship train for RonRon. She’s known for her brutal sense of humor and love of chocolate (not the food). While Ron was excited about his new ring, he acted as though he wanted to put that ring on Ms. Handler’s finger. His very bright patterned pants were covered in Chelsea’s face, but why? “Well you know, I’ve been trying to get into your pants for a long time and I heard you were playing hard to get, so I had to put you on my pants“.  She responded “Well you heard wrong because I am easy to get“. An entertaining interview, to say the least. Perhaps he also left his shoes at home so he could be even closer to Chelsea’s small stature. The printed shirt is also ridiculous with the pants – although anything he wore would have clashed. It certainly made for an interesting interview and introduction for the two.

The most memorable of all Ron Artest’s late night ensembles is without question, his boxers only appearance on Kimmel. Obviously, Artest is a favorite of Kimmel (with good reason) and I’m sure he gained more female fans with this wardrobe choice (malfunction?). Artest is the only athlete who could come out in only his underwear and fans wouldn’t question his intent. He’s always so enthusiastic and loves to entertain, so we can all sit back and enjoy his personality. Obviously he’s just as open with his personality and mind as he is with his body! There’s not a whole to say about this look as there isn’t much to it garment wise, but nice boxers?

I would like to see Artest wear more of what he sported at Lamar and Khloe Kardashian’s Odom’s wedding. The black pinstripe suit fits him well and is classic, while the backwards New Era hat and loose tie screams that he’s still the kid from Queensbridge. Personal style is all about showing yourself through your clothes and how you present yourself. I think this look is the perfect balance between the Los Angeles ball player and the New York guy from the “hood”. Ron is proud of his roots and I don’t think he should ever deny it or stop being himself. Keep thanking your psychiatrist, stealing Wheaties’ boxes and guarding  opposing players with your life, RonRon – just please, if you feel like doing it in better fabrics and in a well-fitting clothes – call me. I promise not to dress you in leather or fur, as I know you’re a PETA spokeperson as well. Your signature style deserves to be as on point as your enthusiasm for life and the game of basketball.


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