Championship Time

Who doesn’t want to be like Mike? For the most part, the average fan can afford to buy his Jordan shoes, wear his Hanes’ t-shirts and drink his Gatorade. But what if you could own a personalized gift from MJ? If you have a spare $16,250 kicking around, you could be telling time like a champion in yellow gold.

Earlier this month, a Paltek Phillippe Calatrava model wristwatch that belonged to former Bulls assistant coach Tex Winter sold well above its $12,000 estimated value at Sotheby’s “Important Watches and Clocks” auction in New York. The watch was a gift from Jordan to Winter after the Bulls won the 1997-1998 championship – MJ’s last ring. It was purchased on Christmas Eve, 1997 (such foresight). The back plate of the watch is inscribed with “Thanks, MJ” and went up for auction after Winter suffered a stroke last year. The watch is 18 karat gold and a similar model today costs between $14,000 and $18,000 – without Michael’s magic touch.

For those unfamiliar, Tex Winter is the innovator of the triangle offense, while Phil Jackson perfected it. Winter earned nine rings alongside Jackson with the Bulls and the Lakers. He rose prominence perfecting the triangle offense at Kansas State University and coached at Marquette, Northwestern, Long Beach State and Washington.

His Airness even mentioned Winter during his retirement speech in 2001, “…Tex Winter probably [was] the most [important teacher], because he was probably the one that would criticize my game more than anybody. To me that’s a plus, that’s a driving force for me.” Definitely a rare piece of history for the greatest Jordan fan. No word if LeBron or Kobe bought it as championship motivation as the buyer bought it by phone. Would you spend roughly the cost of down-payment on house on an accessory? What would MJ do?

via Bloomberg and Sotheby’s


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2 responses to “Championship Time

  1. Cecile Wilson

    I don’t know what MJ would do, but I think the image he projects of being a nice guy who endorses things the average Joe (or Joanne) could afford adds value to the watch-aside from its historical worth.

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