Chris Bosh’s Complex (Magazine) Style

Chris Bosh is quickly becoming a publicity machine. Even before Bosh took his own talents to South Beach to form the new trio consisting of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for the Miami Heat, he was everywhere. There were appearances on Entourage and late night talk shows, sitting court side at the NBA Finals and most recently, he’s been flexing his style muscle at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week before training camp began.  He’s completely revamped his personal style, reflecting his new imagine in the press. Gone are the dreads, crazy baby momma and ill-fitting garments in his wardrobe. Now, Bosh is all about clean lines both in his hair and in his clothing as well as his petite new fiancé, Adrienne Williams. It’s as if when he was in Toronto, Bosh was a boy and now Miami (perhaps thanks to his teammates’ influence) has made him into a man.   

Chris Bosh and fiancé Adrienne Williams on HBO’s Entourage. Photo credit: Dime Mag/HBO.

Bosh is back on the fashion tip again, this time for Complex Magazine. He played model and muse for a  shoot with photographer Dania Graibe in Miami. Bosh has two outfits, one that’s all casual basketball gear in Heat red, black and white and the other is a more fashionable look ensemble better suited to off-day fun than on court play. No word when the shoot comes out, as Complex posts all their content online along with a monthly print edition of the magazine. Likely, the full shoot will début in the November issue once the season is underway. What do you think Bosh’s look? Should he keep up his new look and play model more often? Check out the video below and let me know what you think. 




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3 responses to “Chris Bosh’s Complex (Magazine) Style

  1. Cecile Wilson

    I like both sides of Bosh in this shoot. In his basketball duds he showed one side of his personality and another side in the dressier clothes. The second ensemble was nicely put together.
    Glad he said the photo-shoot was fun, and not (sigh!) a lot of work!

  2. Ad C

    I personally LOVED his look with the dreads, it had a lot more personality than going with the shaved head like his lil friends… but I do like it that he’s more into fashion now

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