Man-scaping: Mike Comrie

“Stop it there without a care to what you’ve got to fear
Keep it all between your beer and your hockey hair
A lot of weird people traits and ticks
From the strangers to these dangerous faces you kiss
You know this town ain’t cool as it used to be
When the lion, tigers and bears’d stare at your jewelry
Truthfully I’m content with how the day moves
Stepped up the game, oops, still rock the same shoes

– Atmosphere, Hockey Hair

Hockey players aren’t usually known for their interesting hair styles or radical fashion sense. If anything, they’re known for receding hair lines and boring suits. So, I’m shocked to hear that Edmonton Oiler Mike Comrie has put blonde highlights on the left side of his hair. Is Comrie trying to impress his Gossip Girl girlfriend with a MTV inspired haircut?

On further inspection, Comrie shaved three large lines on the left side of his temple.

I have no issue with steps, stripes, lines….whatever you want to call them. They’re prevalent in many scenes: urbanwhite trashEuropean house music kids, as well as other sports, specifically basketball and soccer. Hell, even I’ve had them. However, Comrie’s stripes are NOT so pretty or flattering. They’re far too thick and obvious; very poor barber skills.  He already has a receding hairline so it just looks like he lost a chunk of hair. And perhaps he did, he likely he lost a bet and a teammate got shaver happy.

Another possibility could be that Mike Comrie is a Vikings fan, or in particular, a Jared Allen fan. I’m far from a Vikings supporter, but you gotta love a guy like Jared Allen. He’s a beast on the field and thanks to his mullet hairstyle, you just know he’s a party off of it. Maybe Mike just has a man-crush on  the aptly numbered 69.

Honestly, I get the Jared Allen love affair….from the front. He’s the kind of guy you don’t want to watch walking away after you’ve had some fun in the barn. But enough about me, let’s talk about Mr. Mike Comrie. Maybe he decided to pay tribute to Allen with the hairstyle. He may have watched the below video for inspiration.

Allen gets a razor line in his hair for every sack he makes during the regular season, like the Buckeyes’ sticker program but, decidedly more hick. Well, Comrie has 3 assists (all season!), is that why he shaved 3 lines? Or maybe he stuffed the Duff 3 times the night before? We may never know, as he wore a Oilers’ cap during the post game interviews last night.

But one thing is for certain when it comes to Comrie; the guy has an actress girlfriend, an NHL contract, and is the heir The Brick throne – he’s RICH, BITCH!  He can at least afford a good barber and stylist…even in the less than vogue Edmonton. Is Comrie a fashion hairstyle victim or just another casualty of locker room hijinks? You be the judge, I’ll be the style critic.


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2 responses to “Man-scaping: Mike Comrie

  1. GeoffieTheKid

    Allen also knows how to party . . with 2-3 “r’s” involved.

  2. Orange County Turf

    I love the post… keep up the good work.

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