Copy-able: Dallas Cowboys Sideline Hat

As a long time fan of one of the greatest sports franchises in sports history, the San Francisco 49ers, I was a little disturbed by my instant attraction to the newest Dallas Cowboys hat. Tony Romo has been wearing the cap for much of this season whilst he’s smiling on the sidelines in his own little world. Appropriately enough, it’s named the Coaches Sideline Cap. Personally, I love clean, vintage logos like the Brooklyn Dodgers. It makes me nostalgic for pennants on rec room walls and a time before ugly 80’s jerseys and the late 90’s “furturistic” aesthetic.

However, looking at the cap made me think I’ve seen not only the font before…but the “D” logo in a different shade of blue. Call me a typography tight ass, but doesn’t it seem like an updated Durham Bulls logo?

The overall shape and border is practically identical. The only difference, besides the fuming steer, is that the “D” is slightly more square on the Cowboy’s logo. Also, the Cowboys “D” logo hat comes in more colourways and on visors, too (Jerry Jones is a smart man). Perhaps a designer for the Cowboys came home from the bar, found Bull Durham on TBS and thought, if it worked for Kevin Costner maybe this awesome font could help Romo end his women-related “performance” issues. Stranger sources for inspiration and ideas have occurred…especially if tequila is part of the equation!

So what do you think, would you cop Tony Homo’s Romo’s sideline style? And more importantly, who came first, the Bull or the Cowboy…?

High fives & booty taps,


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