Sports vs. Style

My name is Megan and I’m an addict.

I live for nasty facials, double pumps, hail mary’s and wrap arounds between the legs.

I love watching penetration down low and getting to third base as quickly as possible.

No, I’m not a porno aficionado (that’s much more casual), but I am definitely hardcore.

…I’m a sports fan.

It’s a simple confession, though one I proudly wear on my sleeve, or rather, my sleeveless authentic throwback jersey.

Yes, I’m an addict but I never want to be cured. If someone were to snatch the world of sports from out of my hands (…and brain…and closet…and computer…and heart), I would be certain that they had no regard for human life. (Though King James, you can tell me what time it is, whenever you want).

However, I am afflicted with not just one crippling addiction, but two.

…I’m a fashion and design fanatic.

By day, I’m the upbeat, fact spewing, multi-tasking sports television archivist in rare Jordan’s and jerseys. But by night, I rock the stilettos and streetwear steeze proudly, working as a fashion stylist and art director. I’ve never quite known how these sides of me could intersect, besides say sitting courtside in the Raptors game in a new pair of Prada heels (shoes can last forever, but the Raptors still stuck!)


I always thought that I would have to live a double life, loud sports fan versus shoe hungry stylista. But recently, as I was sorting through my obscenely full closet, I had an epiphany of sorts. I noticed how nicely the limited edition kicks stacked up against artfully crafted heels and I knew from that moment that I could marry sports and style in my own way. I have the sports knowledge and I have the tight style…damn, I’ve got game!

She.Got.Game is the best of sports and streetwear, coming together. Look for weekly shoes wars, jersey picks, movies and book reviews, athlete fashion, letters to the best and worst of the sports world, and articles on what’s up and current.

I hope you enjoy my musings, they may not always be the most insightful but they’re always on point. Maybe I’ve caught your attention away from all the super male, super biased, super unsexy blogs out there and you’ll take the time to check me out often.

Anything is possible….right, KG?

High fives & booty taps,


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  1. D!Perso

    like i said on lastFM i like it 😉

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